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HP Indigo Digital Print Presses

A commitment to print quality

Reinventing unique

At HP Indigo, we believe in a world where extraordinary should be a given. A world where making something special and distinct is not costly and rare, but instead is the goal of every single job. A world where our customers can turn unique and inspiring ideas into profit, making every printing moment and every printed matter more valuable.

HP Indigo ElectroInk offers offset- and gravure-matching print quality, so you can deliver high-quality, high-end prints every time. With 5 ink stations standard¹ and up to 7 optional ink stations, HP Indigo digital presses enable:

  • 97% coverage of PANTONE® colors
  • True spot colors
  • Sharp, smooth images and uniform gloss

Turn virtually any idea into a reality. The versatility of HP Indigo presses, enabled in part by extensive media choices—including more than 3,000 certified substrates—as well as specialty inks and special effects, allows you to produce the widest range of high-value applications.



Leveraging our experience and knowledge in printing technologies, markets, solutions and business models, Elite Digital Solutions provides consulting services to print service providers, vendors, software developers, and entrepreneurs.

We advise our customers on matters such as analog to digital transformation, new business models, market penetration, web to print models, and go to market. We help our clients in mergers and acquisitions decisions, equipment and solution purchasing, and executive personnel hiring.

In recent projects we led the buildup of a new printing facility in Africa, a merger of two print service providers, and a web to print software vendor acquisition by a print service provider.


We believe that workflow solutions are the most critical parts in building and operating efficient and productive printing business. In many cases, the profitability of the business is dependent on the quality of its workflow, not only its printing.

Frequently overlooked, workflow solutions are becoming more and more significant for printers, as customers and suppliers depend and rely on their interface with the printer, and set and automate their internal processes accordingly.

At Elite Digital Solutions we leverage our best practice knowledge and our experience in setting, advising and implementing complex workflow solutions. We help our clients choose, customize, implement and support their workflow solutions.


Printing production doesn’t end with the printing press. In many cases, finishing of a printed sheet or roll is more complex and much more expensive and sensitive than the printing itself. Efficient, productive finishing solution can in many cases turn a printing business into a highly profitable one.

Elite Digital Solutions offers a wide range of finishing solutions for both commercial and labels and packaging applications. Leveraging our experience and knowledge in the market, we advice our customers on their best production options and offer them a selection of best of breed finishing solutions.

We offer finishing equipment that is manufactured by and for HP Indigo and by leading vendors, such as AB Graphics International. We strive to match and offer the best equipment for the right application, and we help our customers with recommendations and support for the purchasing process.

Business Development

At Elite Digital we believe that our success in only measured by the success of our customers. Win-win for us and our customers means one thing: the success, the growth and the profitability of their business.

Veterans of analog to digital transformations and new business models in printing, we at Elite Digital help our customers in the most critical part of their business: developing it.

We bring experience, knowledge and years of successes in helping our customers to penetrate new accounts, build new projects to their end customers, and create new business models that will provide in competitive advantages for our customers and measured in business and financial results.